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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Aren't you meant to be getting in shape? Bristol Palin heads to McDonalds after a busy morning rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars in West Hollywood

She spends every day working hard getting into shape for Dancing With The Stars.
But it seems Bristol Palin isn't giving up all her pleasures in the pursuit of success.

The 19-year-old was pictured filling up with a McDonalds in Los Angeles yesterday, buying a large bag of food at the counter.

After a busy morning rehearsing for her upcoming dance performance, she may have felt she deserved a break.

Rather than a greasy burger Bristol chose a salad. Although as any slimmer knows with dressing and toppings salad can still be a fattening choice.

Following her lunch Bristol headed to the tanning salon, to get that golden glow for her next TV performance.

Bristol unexpectedly found fame when she and her then boyfriend Levi Johnson revealed they were expecting a baby while her mother was running as a U.S. vice-presidential candidate in 2008.

Tucking in: At least Bristol chose a salad rather than a burger - lets hope she skipped the dressing

It caused some embarrassment for Sarah Palin, who had always advocated the virtue of no sex before marriage.

But Sarah is now a vocal supporter of Bristol, who is raising her 21-month-old son Tripp as a single mother.

She has been spotted front-row in the Dancing With The Stars audience, cheering her daughter on.

But Sarah's presence led to some controversy when it was misreported that she had been targeted with boos by fellow audience members.

The golden arches: Bristol leaves the restaurant, on her way to a tanning salon

Producers said the boos were instead aimed at the judges for giving a low score to Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough.

Meanwhile a state investigator is checking whether it was legal for Bristol Palin to be in a downtown Anchorage bar last week while dancing partner Mark Ballas performed.

The question is Palin's age, 19. She could only legally be in Rumrunners Old Towne Bar and Grill if accompanied by a parent, spouse or legal guardian over 21.

Getting TV ready: Bristol headed to the tanning salon after her lunch

State law also would allow her to be there if it's been designated as a bona fide restaurant, and she was there only to eat.

The Alaska Dispatch reported that a state Alcohol and Control Board investigator visited their office, asking for copies of raw video shot at Ballas' performance. The request was denied.

An Alaska Department of Public Safety spokeswoman said they never discuss investigations unless someone is charged.

Getting in shape: Bristol Palin and her partner Mark Ballas perform on Dancing with the Stars on Monday

source: dailymail


Battered: Police CCTV image of unknown woman punching fish and chip shop worker in Paignton, Devon

A chip shop worker was left stunned after he was punched in the face by an irate customer who was trying to grab money from the till.

Stephen May, 20, stepped in after he spotted the woman trying to open the cash register at Squires fish and chip restuarant in Paignton, Devon.

Mr May's father, Adrian, 50, who owns the chippie, told how the customer became angry after being told she had to wait just five minutes for her fried meal.

Police CCTV image of unknown woman punching fish and chip shop worker in Paignton, Devon

He said: 'The woman, who we think was a holidaymaker, had argued with my wife Jayne about waiting for her meal.

'She then said she wanted her money back and went behind the counter where she tried to open the till.

'Stephen didn't know about the exchange between my wife and he customer. He told the woman to stop what she was doing and get away from the till - and that's when she hit him.

'He was shocked and shaken more than anything else. She left without the takeaway and the money. I think she knew she had been in the wrong.'

Police have released CCTV images of the assault and have appealed to the public for help in tracing the woman.

A spokesman said: 'We would like to speak to the woman in connection with an assault in which the fish and chip shop man was punched in the face. She tried to open the till without any luck.'

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Morning slice: A Domino's franchise in Dayton, Ohio, is offering a breakfast pizza with egg and cheese and a choice of toppings like bacon and mushrooms

A Domino's pizza outlet in Ohio has started offering a 'breakfast pizza' on its menu.
While the concept of a breakfast-style pizza is not a new one, Domino's is the first of the big pizza chains to go down the breakfast road.

And the company has found a group of carb-friendly guinea pigs on which to test the new product - college students.

The franchise, located near the University of Dayton, is offering a basic egg and cheese pizza for $7.99, according to the Dayton Daily News.

The price covers up to three toppings, and recommended combinations include: ham, mushroom and bacon; sausage, onions and jalapenos; and onion, green pepper and mushrooms for vegetarians. The breakfast pizza is offered all day.

The Dayton Domino's is the only U.S. location open 24 hours, and the breakfast pizza is a bid to improve sales during the slow, typically non-pizza-eating hours between 6am and 9am.

'It's like quiche on a pizza crust,' said franchise owner Tristan Koehler. 'I know it sounds weird to hear "breakfast" and "pizza" in the same sentence, but it's actually a really good product.'

Food for thought: A Domino's spokesman said that the popularity of the breakfast pizza would be monitored, and that it might be included in other outlets' menus

Ms Koehler said that, if sales were strong, breakfast pizzas might be rolled out to other outlets.

The chain confirmed that it was keeping an eye on Dayton, with a spokesman saying: 'We'll be watching the store closely to see if it's something we can expand to other stores.'

Dayton franchise manager Carami Macken said the breakfast business at the restaurant - whose morning menu also includes coffee and orange juice - had been decent.

She said: 'It’s definitely picked up now that it’s gotten some media. It’s not super-busy, but it’s definitely making a difference.'

source: dailymail


Sexy? Kate Garraway tried to be seductive with chocolate but it all went wrong

After Nigella Lawson explained to Kate Garraway that eating chocolate can be sexy, the Daybreak presenter tried her hand at the art of seduction.

But it didn’t quite work out and instead Garraway ended up with a face slathered in chocolate after her co-presenter Dan Lobb dunked her head into a bowl of chocolate sauce.

The presenters had been interviewing Nigella, dubbed the queen of food porn, who is famed for licking her fingers flirtatiously while in the kitchen.

Getting a dunking: The moment Kate was covered in chocolate

Kate told Nigella: ‘You’re gorgeous and you make cooking look slightly rude’, while Dan agreed and told the cook: ‘You make food look sexy.’

But when the presenters tried to emulate the 50-year-old food journalist, it all went wrong.

Luckily 43-year-old Kate was able to laugh at her mishap, despite chocolate running down her face and covering her fringe.

Food tips: Nigella tried to give the presenters some tips from her new book

Meanwhile Dan Lobb, who was covering with Kate while Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles had a day off, took the opportunity to sample some of the chocolate sauce too.
But he managed to keep it clean and used a biscuit spoon during his taste test.

Slam dunk: Kate's face was dunked in the bowl of chocolate by her co-presenter Dan Lobb

Clean up: Kate tries to mop up the chocolate with a paper towel

Their guest Nigella, who dressed provocatively for the breakfast show in a low cut leopard print cardigan was promoting her latest book.

And after Kate’s failed attempt at Nigella’s food philosophy, she quickly grabbed a napkin to wipe herself down.

Seduction: Dan Lobb then tried to be sexy by eating chocolate sauce with a biscuit

source: dailymail

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wine myths: Even red wine should be a little chilled

When it comes to wine, most of us can barely tell red from rosé, according to a survey from pub chain Chef & Brewer.

If you're one of the 16 per cent of people who splash out on an expensive bottle simply to save yourself embarrassment, here's our bluffer's guide to wine myths:

Everyone knows red wine should be served at room temperature, but few people realise how much warmer our homes have become.

Even the most full-bodied of reds are at their best between 16C and 18C, so stick your bottle in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving.

In From Russia With Love, 007's suspicions are aroused when his dining companion orders a chianti with his grilled sole.
'Red wine with fish - well, that should have told me something!' he quips later. But Bond was wrong: more delicate reds go brilliantly with meaty, full-flavoured fish.

Good restaurant owners know their house wine represents their business, and will select it carefully.

A quarter of us choose the second cheapest wine on the list, hoping to appear more knowledgeable - and don't unscrupulous restaurants know it! If in doubt, ask the wine waiter for a recommendation.

OK, it's possible, but these days, cork taint is rare. In good restaurants, the sommelier should have checked the bottle before pouring it for your approval.
The pong - mouldy, musty and damp - is unmistakable, so if you are unlucky enough to get a bad bottle, don't be afraid to complain.

The best way to taste wine is to take a big gulp and then suck some air in your mouth. But that's not on in a restaurant. Leave the showing off for your own home.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


McVitie's disgestive busicuit are a British household name that could soon come under Chinese influence

The maker of Jaffa Cakes and McVitie's Digestive - iconic British brands loved by generations - appears set to fall into Chinese hands.

United Biscuits(UB) is the subject of a £2.5billion takeover by the giant Bright Food group, which is run by a branch of the Chinese state.

The deal would represent the first major takeover of a British food group by the Chinese and would be a further hammer blow to the UK's manufacturing heritage.

Other much-loved United brands that would be lost to Chinese ownership include Twiglets, Hula Hoops, mini-cheddars, Penguin and HobNobs.

The company, which also owns Jacobs and Carrs, can trace its roots back to 1830Previously, Britain's motor industry, water companies, power suppliers, airports and sea ports have been snapped up by eager foreign purchasers.

Snack appeal: Just a few of the United Biscuits products that the Chinese are finding to their liking

News of the deal comes just ten months after another quintessentially British food group, Cadbury, was bought by the US giant Kraft, triggering a furious backlash from consumers, workers and politicians.However, it is only now that Chinese companies are using their vast financial muscle to target household name UK firms.

The development will bring uncertainty for UB's 7,000 employees who work out of 11 factories across the country from Glasgow to Liverpool.

Prince Charles, centre, visiting the the United Biscuits Factory at Harlesden in 1979

Another royal visit to the Harlesden factory, this time by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 1983

Alan Black, the GMB's national organiser for the food industry, said: 'It is important that these British brands continue to be manufactured in this country.

'There has been huge uncertainty around the future of UB, which has been very difficult for the workers.'We would hope that whoever buys the company remains committed to manufacturing in this country and at the very least maintains the existing pay and conditions

source: dailymail

Monday, September 27, 2010


Party time: Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko attend the Oktoberfest Trophy party in the Hipodrom in Munich, Germany

With a giant jug of beer in hand, Hayden Panettiere looks the part as she dressed up in full traditional German dress for Oktoberfest celebrations.

The actress, who turned 21 last month, poured her figure into a racy low cut dirndl at the party in Munich, Germany, and was joined by her boyfriend, Ukrainian boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko.

The Heroes star was enjoying the festivities last night at Boris and Lilly Becker's Oktoberfest Trophy 2010 bash.

Over the top: Hayden just manages to squeeze into her traditional German dress

The couple, who attended The United Peoples Charity Event the night before, enjoyed an evening of beer and bratwurst whilst dressed in their traditional German attire.
Hayden was wearing a low-cut red, white and black dress with a trilby type hat with white feathers on it.

Her other half wore a red checked shirt and green velvet waistcoat.

Together, they indulged in huge glass tankards of beer and traditional German food.

Cheers: Hayden raised a glass at the party, possibly celebrating her new legal drinking status

Getting cozy: The affectionate couple shared a moment during the evening

The annual event, hosted by ex World Tennis Champion Boris Becker and his wife Lily, was held in the Hippodrom - one of the most famous tents at the Munich Oktoberfest which is often frequented by celebrities.

The evening party followed a charity golf tournament which benefited the champs Clever-Becker Foundation.

Participants in the tournament were then invited to join the Oktoberfest party in the tent

Host and hostess: Former tennis World No. 1 Boris Becker and his wife Lilly hosted the event

Hayden and Wladimir have been dating since Christmas time last year and unusual pairing have been on the receiving end of a fair amount of judgment regarding their relationship.

Not only does the pair have a 13-year age difference - Hayden is 21 and Wladimir is 34, by the couple have a 17-inch height difference.

Wladimir is 6 foot 6 inches tall and towers over the petite five foot star.

Hayden had previously been dating her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, 12 years her senior, but the couple broke up after two and a half years together.

source: dailymail

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Counting calories: The FSA will release details of 33 companies which decreased their portion sizes and changed the ingredients in some of their products

Restaurants need to print calorie information on menus to ensure diners know how healthy their meals are, says the Government.

Calls from health secretary Andrew Lansley urged businesses to set a target date by which they will set out the nutritional value of products to their customers.

He said: 'Our aim is to give people the help and advice they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and I want to make it as easy as possible for them to do that.

'That's why we're working with industry to bring in calorie information on menus.
'As a nation we are too unhealthy. We cost the NHS billions of pounds a year through bad diet, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle choices. We can and we must improve this.'

He suggested the voluntary move as he introduced plans for a network of businesses, health charities and public health experts to help people live longer, healthier lives'. The group would address the issue of calorie labelling as part of its work.

The first companies to introduce calorie labelling - including Burger King, Pizza Hut and Pret a Manger - did so with few problems, according to The Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The call for calorie information to be more easily available comes as the FSA announces that some of the UK's largest companies have made their menus healthier.

Today, the agency will release details of 33 companies which decreased their portion sizes and changed the ingredients in some of their products.

They include Pizza Hut, which reduced the salt in its pizzas by 5 per cent to comply with FSA guidelines, and coffee outlet Costa, which now offers lower fat sandwiches and muffins.

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Sweet treat: Muse frontman Matt Bellamy holds the hand of his girlfriend Kate Hudson's son while visiting an ice cream parlour in Pacific Palisades yesterday

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy indulges his girlfriend Kate Hudson's son with a trip to the ice cream parlour.

Bellamy has been dating the Hollywood actress for a few months now and it seems things are going from strength to strength for the couple.

Kate waited in the car while Matt and seven-year-old Ryder went to pick up a sweet treat in Pacific Palisades in California yesterday.

Ryder is Kate's son from her marriage to Chris Robinson but they divorced 2007 after six years together.

New love Bellamy is clearly trying to stay around for a while as it's been revealed that he's been giving Kate's stepdad Kurt Russell guitar lessons.

The singer has been helping Goldie Hawn's long term boyfriend brush up on his chord skills.

A source close to the couple claim: 'Both Kurt and Goldie think really highly of him. They're now talking about a holiday in Hawaii when their schedules allow.'

Daddy daycare: The singer popped out of the car with Ryder while Kate waited in the car

New love: Kate and Matt have been dating since June but have known each other a while

Kate has recently mused about her new beau even though she doesn't seem that knowledgeable on his music.

'He's lovely', Hudson, 31, said of Bellamy in a recent issue of Elle UK.

But when asked about her favourite song from the chart-topping band, she
admitted: 'My favourite Muse song? Ha ha ha! I'm not well-versed enough on that'.

She added: 'I'm getting there though. Matt and I are just learning about each other and it's wonderful.'

But Bellamy fans shouldn't be too worried about him leaving the single life as Kate's revealed that she's isn't ready to get married again any time soon.

She said: 'Marriage is definitely not something I'm looking for. But the divorce doesn't put me off. I'll just see what happens.'

Apparently the couple met a long time ago in Australia when Hudson was still married to Chris Robinson and Bellamy was dating another woman.

But when they reacquainted earlier this summer they were both single.

Kate has had a colourful love life with former lovers including Alex Rodriguez, Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong.

Bellamy is currently touring California with his band but the loved up couple are going to be parting soon when his band head off to Australia for the next leg on their tour.

source :dailymail


Love den: The bedroom in Katy Perry and Russell Brand's new penthouse apartment is on the mezzanine level overlooking the living room

Lovebirds Katy Perry and Russell Brand are continuing to nest for their life together by splashing out on a new apartment in New York.

The Hot n Cold singer and her fiancé seem to have put their recent troubles behind them and snapped up a 1500-square-foot penthouse.

The apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a rooftop deck overlooking the city.

Spacious: The apartment in Manhattan's trendy TriBeca district is on two levels with shiny wooden floors

Bright: The living room has heigh ceilings and wooden beams with an inset bookcase to house all of Russell's books

They chose Manhattan's trendy TriBeca district for their pied-à-terre, which they say will just be a crash pad for when they hit the Big Apple, but have their main home in Los Angeles.

The couple are due to tie the knot by the end of the year and are currently splitting their time between L.A. and London.

The singer and British funny man took some time out of their busy schedules to take a bike ride around their new neighbourhood on Friday.

Read more:
Rustle up some food: The modern spacious kitchen is where Katy could turn into a domesticated diva to make meals for her fiance

High Life: The rooftop terrace of the penthouse overlooks New York City. The couple are said to just be using the apt as their crash pad

Hot n Cold: The lovebirds' marble bathroom is spacious enough for the two of them to have bubble baths together

It's the first time the pair have been pictured together since Russell was arrested for his alleged fight with a photographer.

He was charged with battery and transferred to a police station after the snapper had made a citizen's arrest.

He made light of his arrest at LAX airport a few days later by taking to his Twitter page.

Tandem: Katy and Russell took to their bikes on Friday to ride around their new neighbourhood. Katy seemed to have a scar on her leg but it's unknown if it's a biking injury

Russell tweeted: 'Thanks for all your sweet messages of support. After the tips I picked up in chokey I'm an infinitely more proficient criminal.'

Katy has also had her own recent controversy with children's TV show Sesame Street axing her appearance due to her showing too much cleavage.

Parents were in uproar saying the singer was showing too much flesh even thought the top of the dress was covered in mesh fabric.

Revealing: Katy's apperance with Elmo on Sesame Street has been banned after parents complained she was showing too much cleavage when the preview clip was released

But Katy's been invited back at a later date to film another segment on the show.
Elmo was on Good Morning America and said: 'We'll have another one (play date). Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time.'

Russell needs to learn some discretion however after tweeting Katy's private statistics.

After hearing about her stint with Elmo being shelved he tweeted regarding her bra size: 'Today's Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.'

source: dailymail

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Secret ID: New Zealand lamb is often Halal so that it can be sold everywhere

More than 70 per cent of the New Zealand lamb sold in Britain comes from halal slaughterhouses without the fact being declared on the label.

All the slaughtermen in these establishments must be Muslim and say a prayer when making the cut across the animal’s throat which kills it.

The New Zealand meat industry has taken the step to ensure its lamb can be sold in Muslim markets round the world.

It emerged last week that British restaurant chains and venues such as Wembley and Ascot are serving up different types of halal meat without telling customers.

In conventional slaughterhouses, animals are stunned before they are killed by having their throats cut. However, in most Muslim countries, halal means the animals must not be stunned first.

The trade body Beef & Lamb New Zealand said the form of halal slaughter used there does allow for the animals to be stunned.

A spokesman said: ‘In New Zealand the process for halal slaughter is virtually the same as for non-halal slaughter.’

He said there was no need to label the meat as halal on animal welfare grounds and it would too expensive to introduce labelling simply to provide the information.


Friday, September 24, 2010


Come along darling! George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis hold hands as they leave La Giacomo restaurant in Milan

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis were inseparable as always when they stepped out to dinner last night.

The couple went on a double date at De Giacomo restaurant in Milan with two of their friends.

And as they left the restaurant, George made sure to keep close to his girlfriend by holding her hand.

The Ocean's Eleven star looked his usually impeccably groomed self in a grey suit over a white shirt.

Meanwhile Elisabetta showed off her stunning figure in a pair of tight white trousers and a beige top and heels.

Stronger than ever: Elisabetta and George recently spent the weekend in Sardinia with her parents

The couple seem to be going from strength to strength, spending almost all their time together.

They spent the weekend in the Sardinian countryside with Elisabetta's parents Cesare and Bruna, flying from Milan to the tiny town of Tresnuraghes where the 32-year-old grew up.

They stayed at her parents two-story, three-bedroom, three-bath home, and her parents even gave George a lift to the airport when he had to leave early.

Thank you sir! George is ever the gentleman as he leaves La Giacomo restaurant and shakes hands with a very happy member of staff

It's becoming increasingly clear just how smitten confirmed bachelor George is with his model girlfriend.

The couple have appeared publicly at many events together including this year's Academy Awards.

They seem to spend the rest of the time relaxing at Clooney's homes in Lake Como, Italy and Los Angeles.

During their weekend in Tresnuraghes, the couple went to Canalis' uncle's house for a luxurious lunch, then had dinner at local restaurant La Rosa dei venti.

All eyes on me: George and Elisabetta are the center of attention as they leave their double date dinner

The couple also spent at least one night in the exclusive Hotel Villa Las Tonas.

TV presenter Elisabetta recently denied allegations that she was linked to a alleged cocaine and escort scandal that took place in the nightclubs of Milan, prior to her meeting George.

A self-proclaimed, Milan-based model/prostitute gave testimony to prosecutors investigating the case that she had 'done cocaine' with Canalis, although she did not specify that Canalis had ever worked as a prostitute.

Thanks dad! George Clooney gets a lift from Elisabetta's father

source: dailymail


Hoppy Mummy: Bethenny Frankel enjoys a chilled afternoon with her 4-month-old daughter Bryn Hoppy. The baby was born over a month premature but is getting a lot bigger

Fiery reality star Bethenny Frankel showed she's completely mellowed after the birth of her daughter Bryn.

She was seen out with her husband Jason Hoppy and 4-month-old daughter enjoying some family time.

Bethenny and Jason had pizza and shared laughs as they took turns giving Bryn her bottle.

She does eat: Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy take it in turns to eat while the other holds baby Bryn

The family were in the city's Tribeca neighbourhood enjoying the warm autumn sunshine.

The next day the newlywed couple ventured out on their own walking hand in hand while they shopped in the Meatpacking district.

The couple married 6 months ago which was filmed for Bethenny's spin off show Bethenny Getting Married?

Hands on: Bethenny and Jason had a baby nurse when Bryn was born but are more hands on now. Although with Bethenny running multiple businesses and Jason working they're sure to have a nanny

In love: The couple have only been married for 6 months but look happy and in love as they stroll along the streets of New York. Bethenny is is rumoured to have signed on to do a second season of her spin off reality show

She's reportedly started filming the second season of her show without her original cast from The Real Housewives of NYC despite her deal not yet being finalised with the network.

The first season premiere of her spin off was the biggest premiere in Bravo history.
Bethenny caused groans to new mothers everywhere when she was pictured in a US size-4 (UK 8) bikini just 3 weeks after giving birth.

Skinny jeans: Bethenny looked fantastic in her skinny jeans just 4 months after giving birth. She credits not having put on much weight while pregnant to getting back into shape so quickly. She owns a company called Skinny Girl so she has to live up to the name

She has a brand of Skinnygirl products from books to margaritas where she promotes the fact that she never diets and is naturally skinny.

There have been lots of shake-ups in the Real Housewives franchise shows.

Real Housewives of Atlanta returns in October without Lisa Wu Hartwell and New Jersey has already announced that Danielle Staub will not be returning next season.

It's unsure whether White House party crasher Michaele Salahi will be returning to the D.C. show despite recent reports she wasn't going to film series to.

Real Housewives Castoffs: Lisa Wu Hartwell and Danielle Staub are both not returning to their shows - Atlanta and New Jersey respectively

source: dailymail


Home: One of the living rooms has a large fireplace and large French doors leading onto outdoor patio areas

Newlyweds Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie recently bought a gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion in the exclusive Summit community.

And now Hilary is putting her old Toluca Lake mansion on the market for $7 million.
She bought the house in March of 2004 for $3,500,000.

The gated and secured property covers 9,827 square feet, including six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms.

The floors are covered with antique French oaks and there are four indoor dining areas.

The main dining room has a wet bar, while the others include a breakfast room with Mexican paver tile floors.

The kitchen has a large island has sleek stainless steel appliances and a built in banquette.

Magical: The interior courtyard has a fountain and lots of wicker patio furniture, and lights along the beams

Dinner time: One of the dining areas has beautiful vaulted ceilings and a table fitting over twelve people

The house also includes a cognac room, wine cellar, billiard room, game room, a gym, and a gift wrapping room.

The master suite has a vaulted wood ceiling, with French doors opening onto a loggia overlooking the backyard. It also has two walk-in closets and two bathrooms.

One of the en-suite bathrooms has heated stone floors, an egg-shaped soaking tub, pearl-tiled walls, and a large glass enclosed steam shower.

Beautiful: The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, a gigantic centre island and plenty of space to lounge

Classic: The living room is understated with lots of wood and warm tones, with antique French oak floors

The house also has plenty of outdoor areas, including a courtyard with a ceiling of tangled vines and a fountain.

The property also has a small swimming pool and spa.

Meanwhile the new $3.75 million Beverly Hills mansion she shares with Mike Comrie is 5,260 square feet, with five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms and a pool.

And their new neighbours are Britney Spears on one side, with Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale just down the road.

Comfy: One of the beautiful bedrooms in the house, with a separate sitting area and antique French oak floors

Pretty: The house backs onto a lake where Hilary keeps her boat, which comes as a free gift with the house

Hilary was spotted out today returning items to XIV Karats LTD in Beverly Hills.

The former Disney star looked glowing in her black trousers, boots and loose white sweater.

The 22-year-old got engaged last February in Hawaii, and husband Mike gave his fiancee a $1 million diamond ring.

They were married on August 14 in a very private sunset ceremony in Santa Barbara.

The newlywed look: Hilary Duff is simply glowing as she runs errands in Beverly Hills

And then they headed to Mexico for a brief but romantic honeymoon before coming back home to Los Angeles.

Married life is clearly working out well for them both, and Hilary has spoken about how happy she is with Mike.

She recently told Us Magazine, 'He's a great guy. I've never met anyone who could say a bad word about him.

'He's generous, caring, funny. We just laugh our heads off, which I need in my life.'
The couple made sure to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married.

This was to protect Mike as much as Hilary - he is heir to a $500 million fortune.

source :dailymail