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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Keep rolling: George Michael (left) appears to roll a cigarette before passing it to his companion

George Michael has been in trouble in the past for marijuana-related incidents.

So these pictures are going to do him no favours as he holidayed with a friend in Venice.

The pop star was snapped rolling a suspicious-looking cigarette as he relaxed with his companion in Venice.

The 48-year-old was hanging out on his balcony and was snapped rolling the cigarette between his fingers.

He then took it from his friend who had just puffed away on his relaxing cigarette.

The bearded man appeared to take a strong puff on the suspicious roll up, closing his eyes and seemingly taking a deep pull on it.

Handy exchange: Michael passing the cigarette over to his male friend

His actions raised suspicions that he may have been in possession of a joint, but of course, the man's cigarette may well have contained tobacco alone.

The two hung out on George's balcony before leaving their hotel and jumping on to a boat to head off on one of Venice's many canals.

Having a puff: George Michael's male friend smokes a suspicious-looking roll up while the duo spend time hanging out in Venice

No shares: The singer and his friend didn't appear to pass the cigarette between them

George has a history with marijuana, having been jailed last year for crashing his range rover into a shop while under the influence of cannabis and anti-anxiety prescription medication.

A district judge told the 48-year-old he was being locked up because of his failure to tackle his illegal drug habit, despite previous ' wake-up calls' and convictions.

Michael was a 'risk to a public', he said. 'Despite the resources at your command it does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what's clearly an addiction to cannabis.'

Fun in the sun: George was relaxing after playing a concert in Milan

He was sent to Pentonville jail, North London in September last year.

The singer found fame in the duo Wham!, but despite 11 UK number ones in his career, had difficulty shaking off his 1998 conviction for 'engaging in a lewd act' in a Los Angeles public toilet.

He has since had cautions for cannabis and crack cocaine possession and a previous conviction for driving while unfit through drugs.

Despite his issues, and recent split from long-term partner Kenny Goss, George has received positive feedback for his current Symphonica tour.

Off for a jaunt up the canal: The singer and his friend board a boat in the water-logged city

Smiles away: The star's friend flashes a grin as their boat heads off

source: dailymail


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